Customized Logistics

By definition, third party logistics companies are independent companies that design, implement and manage a customer’s supply chain logistics need and meet their individual obligations.

As a third party Logistics Company, VPI specializes in integrated operations, warehousing & distribution. We can accommodate any size of supply chain and are always working to accommodate our customers’ needs based on market conditions and their individual demands and delivery service requirements. With our expertise, we have the ability to have a distribution center anywhere in the world and use effective information systems that can process transactions rapidly and accurately.

VPI can also handle your company’s global logistics needs. We are located in the Southern China Free Trade zone and have a range of products including electronics, gift packs, promotion kits and display units. VPI has developed global networks, by establishing our own operations in key geographies and by forming alliance partnerships with complimentary service providers. VPI facilitates an extension of the enterprises, providing detailed knowledge of various logistics markers, including transportation, logistics and regulatory issues.